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Inspirational Artist Interviews
Contemporary artists with blindness/visual impairments
share their love and devotion for art
Bramblitt, John

Sightless Muralist, John Bramblitt, gives a sneak peak into his studio and shares some helpful sightless painting tips. He also emphasizes the importance of creating art for self-empowerment, no matter one's limitations. 

Galloway, Stephanie
Stephanie Galloway is one of the founders of the Rail Yard Art Market and Free Art Fridays in Albuquerque, NM. In this interview, she emphasizes the importance of finding your community and not giving up on your dreams. As an artist with disabilities, Galloway shares about how she transforms her own struggles into fuel for compassion and advocacy for others, including herself.
Prinz, Rachel

Rachel Preston Prinz is a true arts leader. Not only is she a multimedia artist, architect, film maker, speaker, writer and influencer but she is also the founder of The Ministry of Architecture. Rachel openly shares about her successes and her journey with macular degeneration.
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